Maverick x3

Side by side vehicle

It’s doing well in difficult conditions. Its total weight only 945 kg, it makes one of the lightest vehicles on rally stages.


Rotax ACE (advanced combustion efficiency) capacity 900cc, turbocharged, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with integrated intercooler and high-efficiency air filter.

Top quality suspension

The crew used a suspension from a leading manufacturer – Reiger – in their Can-Am.

Professional wheels

The huge meaning is placed on properly selected wheels, which are key to keeping the vehicle on the road. The rims used are with bead block, which prevents the tire from slipping off the rim while driving (e.g. in a difficult turn or rut).

Safety first

The most important aspect of this sport is safety of the contestants. To build this vehicle they used special chassis. In addition, they used bucket seats with six-point seatbelts, safety nets and a fire extinguishing system.


To make the contestants as comfortable as possible in the gust and sand, it was installed fresh air supply system for the helmets.

Excellent mechanics

Very important element of this sport is professionally prepared equipment. This is possible, because of outstanding Overlimit mechanics.

Even the best-prepared vehicle without a crew will go nowhere.