Why Dakar Rally is so unique?

The Dakar Rally is one of the most popular and media-driven motorsport events.

It is broadcast in 190 countries, and video footage on the rally’s official platforms has more than a quarter of a billion views. In Poland, it is covered by many sports and motoring media, as well as national news media.

This is all because it is attended every year by several hundred competitors (including the world’s top riders) who race for fortnight on extremely long, difficult and dangerous route.

This makes the Dakar Rally simply a great spectacle, full of excitement, the artistry of off-road driving and stunning landscapes.

For the competitors, taking part in this rally is a dream come true, because here they have opportunity to confront with the best drivers in the world, but also with themselves – their own shills and their own weaknesses and limitations.

Taking part in this rally marathon requires excellent preparation, but even this isn’t a guarantee of success, because the unknown, usually desert route is full of pitfalls.

The happy and proud ones are those who can say: “I am at the finish line of the Dakar!”

The history of polish motorsport

Patrycja and Karolina are planning to take part in the prestigious Dakar Rally. With this start, they have opportunity to make the history of polish motorsport as the FIRST POLISH WOMEN’S TEAM to compete in the Dakar Rally. It will be very important event in their career, but also for all current and future female motorsport competitors. The ladies in this rally will have the chance to test themselves against a difficult route, world-class competitors. It will be a huge test of their endurance and skills as well.

More information about women’s team’s start in the Dakar will appear during the 2024 season.

Keep your fingers crossed for preparation and future starts!