Co-driver since 2021

Karolina has started her adventure with off-road rallying much earlier, but in 2021 she first sat on the right seat with Patrycja. Since then, Karolina has been gaining experience at many of the top rallies on the rally calendar. She has ridden 3 desert marathons so far.

The most important rallies in her career

Fenix Rally

Karolina started her first rally season with a bang. She made her great debut as a pilot at the desert marathon in the Sahara. It was a great test for her, and the bar was set very high.

Tunisia Desert Challange

Karolina isn’t afraid of challenges, and the next rally in her career was also a desert marathon, which gone through the most difficult dunes of the Tunisian Sahara – El Borma.

Rallye Breslau

This rally organized in Poland is known as the biggest navigation test for co-drivers. Taking part in it shows that Karolina likes to have a challenge.

Baja Poland

The most important rally in Poland in the entire off-road rally calendar. It is the one where the biggest Dakar names taking part.

Balkan Offroad Rallye

A multi-day rally taking place in the mountain scenery of the Romanian Carpathians. It was another great test of Karolina's navigation skills.

No driver, no drive