In the 2023 season, Patrycja and Karolina are focused on the Polish Cross-Country Rally Championship series. They will also gain experience in the desert marathon – Morocco Desert Challenge.

Baja Drawsko Pomorskie

The first round of the RMPST in the 2023 season will take place from 31.04 to 2.04. the rally will take place on the training ground in Drawsko Pomorskie.

Morocco Desert Challange

The MDC (Morocco Desert Challenge) will take place from 21.04 to 30.04. competitors will have 8 days of rallying and 2500 km to cover through the highest and most difficult dunes of Morocco.

Baja Jastrowie - Borne Sulinowo 2023

The second round of the RMPST will take place from 9.06 to 11.06. This rally will take place in the surroundings of Jastrów and Borne Sulinowo.

42. Rajd Polskie Safari

The third of the PCCRC will be held from 28.07 to 30.07. This rally will take place around Przasnysz.

Baja Poland 2023

The fourth round of RMPST will take place from 25.08 to 27.08. It is the most important rally in the whole Polish off-road rally calendar. The importance of this rally is emphasized by the fact that it belongs to the FIA World Cup in Baja off-road rallies. The rally will take place in Szczecin and Drawsko Pomorskie.

Baja Czarne

The Fifth and the last round of PCCRC will take place between 13.10 and 15.10. This rally will take place in the Czarne.

What’s next?

After the last rally of the 2023 season, it’s time to start preparing for another very exciting 2024 season.

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